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At Miamitown Pet Hospital, we strive to provide pets with excellent healthcare in an ethical and efficient manner.  We understand going to the doctor is often not fun, so we aim to create an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.  Your pet's well-being is our top priority, and we look forward to seeing you!


COVID-19 UPDATE: We are moving to a client free lobby.


Please call us at 513-353-1229 when you arrive for your appointment. We will check you in and come outside and get you when we have a room available. If you are picking up meds/food please call and we will let you know when to come in.


All elective surgeries (spays & neuter) are postponed until April 6th.



During your visit with us, a registered veterinarian will evaluate your pet’s overall health.  A thorough physical exam will be performed to look for any changes that may necessitate further diagnostic testing, which can then be performed at that time.  We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about the well-being of your pet, so ask away!


If you have scheduled your appointment due to a particular concern about a certain aspect of your pet’s health, it is very helpful when someone familiar with the dog’s illness is present at the time of the appointment.  This allows the doctor to ask questions that could be key in diagnosing your pet’s ailment.





At Miamitown Pet Hospital, we recommend vaccinating your pets yearly in order to prevent them from developing potentially devastating diseases.  The following outlines what vaccines your small and large animal companions should receive and when:



8 weeks of age            FVRCP 1st Booster

                                    *Feline Leukemia 1st Booster

12 weeks of age         FVRCP 2nd Booster

                                      Rabies 1 Year Vaccine

                                    *Feline Leukemia 2nd Booster

1 year of age               FVRCP Annual Booster (Given yearly)

                                      Rabies 3 Year Vaccine (Given every 3 years)

                                    *Feline Leukemia Annual Booster (Given yearly)

*Feline Leukemia Vaccine is optional – recommended for kittens and cats that will be exposed to other cats with unknown Feline Leukemia health statuses (for example, cats that have access to the outdoors that may come in contact with stray cats).  A blood test is performed prior to administration of this vaccine to ensure your cat is negative for the virus first.


6 weeks of age            DHPP 1st Booster

                                     *Bordetella 1st Booster

9 weeks of age            DHPP 2nd Booster

                                     *Bordetella 2nd (or 1st) Booster

12 weeks of age          DHPP 3rd Booster   -or-   DHLPP Vaccine

                                       Rabies 1 Year Vaccine

                                     *Bordetella 2nd Booster

1 year of age               DHPP Annual Booster   -or-   DHLPP Annual Booster (Given yearly)

                                      Rabies 3 Year Vaccine (Given every 3 years)

                                    *Bordetella Annual Booster (Given yearly)

*Bordetella Vaccine is optional – recommended for puppies and dogs that will be visiting dog parks,

  boarding kennels, or group puppy classes



Our highly skilled surgical staff has extensive experience in spaying and neutering cats, dogs, and rabbits. Each patient is closely monitored while under anesthesia to ensure a smooth recovery following the procedure.   We understand that it can be very stressful when your pet is in surgery, so you are always welcome to call at any time to request an update.   At Miamitown Pet Hospital, we strongly recommend spaying and neutering any animals that are not intended to be used for breeding.  Not only will this prevent unintended litters, but also helps maintain the health and well-being of your pet. 


Spaying female dogs prior to their first heat cycle will help prevent:

Mammary carcinoma – a malignant form of cancer, similar to breast cancer in women

Pyometra – a severe uterine infection that can be life threatening and often requires emergency surgery


Neutering male dogs can help prevent:

Prostate infections

Benign prostatic hyperplasia – a testosterone driven condition that makes it difficult for male animals to urinate

Testicular cancer


Important Information for Your Pet’s Surgery:

  • No food or water after 10pm the night prior to surgery

  • Bring your pet to our clinic between 8 and 8:30am the morning of surgery for check-in

  • Please notify us of any medications given 24 hours prior to surgery

  • We may require an exam and pre-anesthetic bloodwork if your pet has not been seen by us recently or has other concerning health conditions

  • We will contact you after your pet has awaken from anesthesia and is ready to be picked up

  • Thorough post-op care instructions will be provided to you when you pick up your pet



Microchipping can be an excellent way to get some extra reassurance that your lost pet will be returned home.  It involves placing a small pin, each with its own identification number, just underneath the skin so that it may be scanned by electronic readers present at most clinics and animal shelters.  At Miamitown Pet Hospital, we utilize the Home Again microchipping company.  Our cost includes registration of the microchip into their online database.


Chiropractic care for people has existed for several thousand years and has been used to treat a broad array of ailments, from orthopedic to digestive to reproductive, and much more.  Many people that partake in chiropractic treatment attest to the benefits they have experienced from this form of integrative care.  It should therefore follow that your pet could benefit from that same therapy!


Dr. Kristin Hobbie is an AVCA (American Veterinary Chiropractic Association) Certified Animal Chiropractor.     She treats small animals for various ailments and enjoys utilizing this modality in conjunction with, or in place of, conventional medicines. 

Chiropractic care can certainly be used as a treatment therapy for various issues, but its end goal is to be a maintenance therapy to slow the onset or prevent the occurrence of certain disease processes, such as arthritis.

The following list of problems your pet may be experiencing that could benefit from chiropractic care include, but are not limited to:

  • Arthritis 

  • Hip dysplasia

  • Intervertebral disk disease

  • TMJ pain

  • Lower neck pain


To schedule an appointment for your pet to receive chiropractic care, simply call the clinic and we will assist you.  If you are unsure if your pet’s particular situation would benefit from a chiropractic adjustment, feel free to contact Dr. Hobbie at the clinic to discuss what you are seeing in your pet’s behavior and to discuss what treatment modality would be most suitable.



Radiography (x-ray) is a tool used to evaluate bones and internal organs in order to assist in diagnosing your pet’s condition.  Miamitown Pet Hospital is proud to offer on-site digital radiographs with vast experience in radiograph interpretation.  We have experience in acquiring films for OFA submission, which some canine breed registries may require.  We also have a mobile x-ray unit to allow us to radiograph animals off-site, most commonly large animal patients.



Beyond the common spay and neuter procedure, our highly skilled veterinary team has experience in abdominal surgeries, tumor removals, and most orthopedic procedures.  Your pet will be closely monitored while under anesthesia to ensure a smooth recovery prior to going home. 


Each surgical procedure includes the following:

  • State-of-the-art equipment to monitor your pet’s heart, lungs, oxygen saturation levels, and temperature

  • Pain management before, during , and after with the owner’s permission

  • Close monitoring for evaluation of recovery from anesthesia and pain levels


We will call you with progress update after your pet has recovered from anesthesia.  We understand that having your pet receive surgery can be very stressful, so you are welcome to call and request an update on your pet at any time.


Important Information for Your Pet’s Surgery:

  • Please call ahead to schedule your  pet's surgery and/or to verify your pet's surgery appointment

  • No food or water after 10pm the night prior to surgery

  • Bring your pet to our clinic between 8 and 8:30am the morning of surgery for check-in

  • Please notify us of any medications given 24 hours prior to surgery

  • We may require an exam and pre-anesthetic bloodwork if your pet has not been seen by us recently or has other concerning health conditions

  • We will contact you after your pet has awaken from anesthesia and is ready to be picked up

  • Thorough post-op care instructions will be provided to you when you pick up your pet



Dental care is often one of the most overlooked aspects of our pet’s health and well-being.  Tartar build-up on the teeth can lead to severe gingivitis and dental disease, bad breath, tooth decay, and sinus infections.  Even worse to consider is that the bacteria from a pet’s poor dental hygiene can spread into the blood, then affecting the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver.  The upkeep of a pet’s teeth is just as important as our own!

At Miamitown Pet Hospital, we recommend regular professional teeth cleaning in order to cut down on bacteria in the mouth and delay tooth death.  These sessions also allow us to perform thorough oral exams to monitor for any changes to the tongue, roof of the mouth, or back of the throat.  We use a modern and safe ultrasonic scaler to evaluate the integrity of each tooth above and below the gum line.  We can also perform tooth extractions as deemed necessary.



Miamitown Pet Hospital has a registered veterinarian on call each night, including weekends, in case emergencies should arise with your large and small animal pets after hours.  Depending on the character of the emergency, the on call veterinarian may recommend in-home instructions, a clinic visit at the time of the call to examine the animal and administer treatment, or referral to a specialty center or 24 hour critical care center for a more extensive work up.  Full payment is expected at the time services are rendered.



When responsibilities or vacations pull us away from home, we all need the reassurance that our pets will be well cared for until our return. To some, the idea of a veterinarian being onsite with their pet is the extra mile to set their mind at ease.  At Miamitown Pet Hospital, we offer boarding for our small animal companions at an affordable rate.

Dogs are housed in 4’x8’ runs and are taken on walks twice daily.  You are welcome to bring your pets’ bed or favorite toy to stay in the run with them during their stay with us.

Cats are housed in 1.5’x2’ enclosures with frequent litter changes.  Again, you are welcome to bring their favorite bedding or toy for them to enjoy during their stay.

Please contact the clinic to make a reservation, request information on rates, or to schedule a time to view our facility.



Ronda’s Dog Grooming, located directly next door to Miamitown Pet Hospital, offers excellent grooming and bathing services for your pet.  The experienced groomers take special care to understand exactly how you would like your pet to look so that it leaves here looking just how you’d wished.


Ronda’s Dog Grooming is unaffiliated with Miamitown Pet Hospital.  However, its location allows great convenience for one-stop service.  You may contact Ronda to schedule an appointment at (513) 353-0333.


Her hours are as follows:

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Tuesday - Saturday



Miamitown Pet Hospital was started in 1985 by Dr. Michael Frederick as a two doctor practice that was servicing both large and small animals in the Cincinnati and tristate region.  Since opening its doors, the practice has grown to offer the insight and expertise of five veterinarians.  Located just off I-74, we are easily accessible to our small animal community, and are happy to visit our large animal patients on the farm.   Your pet's health and happiness are our utmost concern, and we are eager to assist you in any way we can!





Born in Southwestern Ohio and a

lifelong resident of Hamilton County,

Dr. Michael Frederick earned his

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree 

from The Ohio State University, where

his collegiate scholastic achievements

gained him admission to the Mensa

International.  Dr. Frederick first

practiced medicine as an associate

veterinarian for two mixed animal

practices before designing and

opening his own practice, Miamitown

Pet Hospital in 1985. Miamitown Pet

Hospital matured into a robust five veterinarian large and small animal practice.

An active Hamilton County Farm Bureau member since 2005, Dr. Frederick has held the positions of Hamilton County Farm Bureau Trustee and Vice-President and is the recipient of Hamilton County Farm Bureau’s 2012 Outstanding Service Award. Dr. Frederick is a prior member of the Board of Directors for the Hamilton County Fair and for 30+ years has donated uncountable hours fulfilling the duties of Fair Veterinarian for the Hamilton County Fair as well as the 4-H Community Fair.  Dr. Frederick is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), and the Cincinnati Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA).

AVCA Certified Animal Chiropractor




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